You must save these dates when you decide to apply for our program.

Kick-off meetings
For all M1 students: It takes place on the first Tuesday of September (e.g. September 3rd 2019). For all M2 students: It takes place on the first Wednesday of September (e.g. September 4th 2019)

Integration days for all M1 students
M1 students must attend the 3 integration days which will take place on September 4th, 5th and 6th 2019. It will consist of a pedestrian rally around Paris in teams and different workshops dealing with how to prepare an interview for a job/internship. You will receive more details around the end of August but you must save the date if you are authorized to enroll in our program.

Integration days for Frontiers in Chemistry students
During the second week of September from Thursday 12th to Friday 13th of September, you will have to attend a two-days event involving ALL M1 students and some M2 students. The main aim of this seminar is for you to know each other and to get full presentation of the Master’s program, Teaching community, Internships abroad, etc.